Privacy Policy

In effect from 25 May 2018

This Privacy Policy outlines how BSME will use your personal information. Our commitment to our members includes protecting your data. We will not share your data without your permission.

Who we are

 The booking is only confirmed once payment has been made. Note payment for CPD courses can ONLY be accepted once a course has been confirmed. If you book onto an unconfirmed course, you will receive an email when the course has been confirmed and payment is required. Please also see Refund/Cancellation Policy below

Data Protection legislation

BSME may only use or share your personal information for legitimate purposes; these include contract fulfilment, when required by law enforcement agencies to do so, with your consent or when in the legitimate interest of the organisation. Where we believe it in the legitimate interest of the organisation, we will still request your permission prior to using your information.

Processes used by BSME to collect data

BSME holds the details of members, CPD Providers and Student event providers. We will only use the information required for the efficient execution of services to members. This information will have been collected through the:

On occasion, third parties will provide your information to BSME. This includes professional networks, public information sources like LinkedIn, other membership organisations as well as government agencies like Ofsted.

Products used by BSME to share information with Members

BSME uses various online tools to share information with members. These products contain databases which hold your information. These include Survey Monkey (surveys), MailChimp (eshots) and Click Meeting (webinars).

BSME keeps members updated about education-related topics, services available to members and events which serve students. These updates will always be linked to the benefits of membership. We use your personal information to send you these updates if we have your consent. If you do not wish to receive these updates, please contact

Accessing your data

Should you wish to access any personal information we hold about you, please contact

Should you wish to withdraw your consent to use your data, please contact